What is EquiMute?

EquiMute is an innovative travel bonnet that will improve your horse’s experience trailering and in other loud environments.  

Trailering can be a loud and stressful experience.

Especially in the summer months when windows are open to improve airflow. As prey animals, horses are always listening for danger and assessing their surroundings. Research has shown that exposure to continuous, loud, sudden noises can be an exhausting experience for horses. This constant noise combined with the balance needed to hold themselves during travel means that horses can arrive at competitions, clinics, or lessons exhausted before you even get in the saddle.

EquiMute is committed to making trailering better.

By reducing your horse’s noise exposure, EquiMute can reduce their stress, create a more positive experience, and allow you to unload a calmer and happier horse. You and your horse can enjoy the show, clinic, lesson, or trail ride more thoroughly. You can even leave EquiMute on overnight to give your horse a more restful evening.


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EquitMute makes trailering better.


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